Cannabidiol Oil is an excellent herbal product that can be extremely helpful for medicinal and relaxation purposes. As a pain reliever, it can be fast-acting and long-lasting. As a sleep aid, it is so effective that the patient can doze off and stay asleep until a full night’s rest is achieved. 

Traces of Hemp-derived Cannabidiol Oil can be found on the body for up to a week.

But how long does CBD stay in your system?

Studies show that CBD Oil can stay within the system for five to seven days. The one-week presence in a person’s system is generally true for those who consume CBD oil regularly. As long as Cannabidiol is extracted from hemp, there is nothing to worry about concerning drug tests. However, for those who would like to be extra cautious, it would be best to use pure CBD products and isolates that do not contain any trace of THC. This is because some Cannabidiol Oil extracts may contain THC levels within the federal threshold of .3 percent.

Moreover, several factors affect CBD Oil’s length of stay in the body system. First is a person’s frequency of use. Occasional users may have a lesser residue of CBD over time compared to daily users of cannabidiol oil. At the same breath, dosage also has a vital role in CBD oil’s presence within the bloodstream. The higher the dose, the chances of it lingering within the person’s body.

Metabolism also plays a crucial role in CBD’s presence in the body system. The faster a person’s metabolism, the lesser Cannabidiol Oil stays in the body. Research likewise found out that CBD Oil’s length of stay in a person’s system largely depends on the method of consumption. There are ingestion methods that act rapidly, yet the effects do not last as long.  There are those though that last longer in terms of pain relief, relaxation, and anti-inflammatory impact. It is crucial then to observe how one’s body uniquely reacts with each method of consumption.

Forms and methods of CBD oil consumption

There are several ways to consume Cannabidiol Oil. Here are the most common ways to consume CBD:

1. Capsules, pills, or tablets. Cannabidiol Oil can be conveniently consumed as a pill or capsule. Just like any herbal supplement, CBD supplements can be premeasured to a specific dose and can be ingested like any other capsule. While this is a no-mess and convenient way of consumption, it may take longer to metabolize and affect the body. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to take effect, and much longer to stay within the bodily system.

2. Sublingual ingestion through Tinctures. Cannabidiol Oil tinctures are said to be the quickest way to obtain the medical benefits of CBD Oil. By dropping the intended dose under the tongue for a little over a minute, the CBD components immediately enter the bloodstream. This action provides rapid relief of as short as five minutes. 

3. Vapor Inhalation. Cannabidiol can be ingested by inhaling vaporized extracts. Using a vaping pen, a person can inhale CBD oil vapors until the intended relief is obtained. Inhalation is the quickest way to attain the health benefits offered by Cannabidiol. Upon inhaling CBD Vapors, relief can be felt almost instantaneously.

4. Ingestion through edibles. In areas where Cannabidiol is legal for recreational use, there are cafés, bakeries, and even restaurants and bars that offer Cannabidiol Oil infused edibles. These include CBD Coffees and smoothies, CBD Beers, CBD pastries, and CBD infused dishes. Moreover, there are Cannabidiol Oil Gummies and chewable candies that have specific intended Cannabidiol Oil doses. This method of consumption is perfect for those who are sensitive to CBD Oil’s very bitter and earthy after-taste.

5. Topical application. Cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory properties are so powerful that it can promote healing even by just applying it to the skin. Pain relief can be felt when applied topically in areas where joint and muscle pain is felt. CBD-infused topical creams can also be best for skin issues such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and even excessive pimples. Lotions, creams, balms, and salves that are infused with Cannabidiol Oil are growing in popularity. In areas where CBD Oil is allowed for recreational use, CBD Lotions and massage creams are utilized in massage parlors and spa treatment centers.                                                                                                           

Length of Effect

Another area that new users would like to explore in terms of health impacts of Cannabidiol is how long-lasting its effect is. The answer to such questions usually depends on the method of consumption and the dose. 

Since orally ingested pills and tablets take longer to metabolize, it tends to linger longer in the system. Since it remains quite longer, its effect could be long-lasting. The same could be said about tinctures which are fast absorbed into the bloodstream and could stay in there for a time. Inhalation can have the most rapid effect, but it can be metabolized quite quickly too.  

Will Cannabidiol oil reflect on a drug test?

Most drug tests find traces of THC in a person’s bloodstream. If the Cannabidiol Oil contains THC even within the legal limits, THC traces can still show up within a week or so of consuming it. However, if pure CBD isolate is used, then there is only a very remote chance of it getting detected in a drug test.

The best way to avoid having THC traces in a drug test is to refrain from using Cannabidiol Oil a week before the drug testing schedule. However, if the Cannabidiol is in pure isolate form, and is sourced from a trustworthy manufacturer, then it should not be a concern at all.